Anonymous asked:
I love your bgc hypocrites. They make me laugh. Can we request some bgc hypocrites?

Thank you! :) Yes, you can! It’s not guaranteed that I’ll make your one, but it’s always inspiring as I don’t have all the brightest ideas. I made THIS one requested by bgcxii.

If I like your idea a lot (and it doesn’t include Erica (S8), Shelly and Falen being hypocrites because I’ve already made some), then I’ll make it!

benmckk asked:
for bgc hypocrates - Tiana BGC11. In like ep 2 I think she says "I don't wanna jump her i'm no bully" about when gigi is about to come to the house. I think she says it in the phone room

I haven’t seen one full episode of BGC11, except for the first one. Sorry. :( BGC11 is whack and shouldn’t have aired at all.

bad girls club hypocrites → {3/10}

Janice Channing {1x11} → Revelation

Favorite Marvel Heroines → Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman (Susan “Sue” Storm) {1/5}

↳ “That’s my nose, genius. These are my lips.” — Susan Storm, Fantastic 4 (2005)

Anonymous asked:
Do you like Jada?

Yes, love Jada! She’s been the same since day one. I actually like her more than Slim.