hey guys, i need some more ideas for my bad girls club hypocrites gif sets. i ran out of ideas. :( it’d be awesome if you could send me some! thanks so much!

You could spend all of your days obsessing over what other people think of you and at some point or another we have all gone down this road. Everyone has an opinion but it doesn’t really matter because other people’s opinions shouldn’t affect what you are doing with your life. Your business is your business. The moment you begin to let other people’s thoughts and values start dictating how you live your own life, it is no longer yours.”

Why haven't you been making gifs lately? :( You make the best bgc gifs..

I’m sorry! I’ve been extremely busy with uni and my upcoming theatre play. I hardly get any days off to sit back and relax. I should be posting some soon enough! I promise! :)

P.S., I’m in class right now. Pretending to listen.