Anonymous asked:
Please do not tell me you like Shannon Anti Bully Movement I mean it was ok for the season but she is riding it like a dead horse and I didn't like her on her season for being all anti bully but bum rush Valentina like ugh I don't even want to talk about that ugly plastic surgery whore

Um, Shannon was annoying at the reunion. Like, I’m pretty sure she mentioned how she got bullied over a thousand times. But, she’s okay. She hasn’t been really around much. She’s okay.

I didn't think of Jenn as a Bully to Rocky. But she was kind of extra with her. But like COME THE FUCK ON. Who would sit there & be a Happy Ass Bitch if someone ate their Hot Pocket.

hahahahah that’s very true

Anonymous asked:
Jenns not a hypocrite she just wanted to fight rocky

Jenn is a hypocrite for saying that she’s not a bully. I love Jenn now, but hated her on her season. All she did was bully and hate on Rocky, fighting her for no reason.

Demi Lovato during Keith Beukelaer’s audition ‘Baby Got Back’ — X Factor USA, 2013. [x]

Favorite Marvel Heroines → Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios {2/5}

↳ “Looks can kill.” — Elektra Natchios, Elektra (2005)

bad girls club hypocrites → {4/10}